Frisco Improv Players Reviews

Here the Frisco Improv Players post what our audience says about us. These Frisco Improv Players reviews are a collection from various sources such as: Yelp, Trip Advisor, Frisco Enterprise, and even direct reviews you send us.

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“My wife and I saw the Frisco Improv Players tonight and really enjoyed it. It is like seeing a live show of Whose Line is it Anyway. For a local Frisco venue, I was very impressed. The 5 players were talented and funny. The MC was good too. The most impressive game they played was forward/reverse (just like the TV show). Unlike the TV show, the entire show was “clean”. Nice to see a show like this in Frisco.”

Wind01 – Trip Advisor

“All of the actors were high energy and quick-witted. Some of the smartest and funniest elements were details added that you’d think weren’t necessary to the scene, until you see it play out… and then you can not see it any other way. That is the mark of true comedy”

K. Diggs – Frisco Enterprise

“Frisco Improv Players is hilarious! My wife and I enjoyed every minute of the show. They did a skit called “Styles and Emotions,” and I thought we were going to die laughing. The performers were awesome, and so was the show! Multiple thumbs up!”

Gozer1928 – Email

“I laughed til I cried. What an incredible experience! Highly recommended to young and old alike.”

RJ Pine – Email